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Hey Louisiana operators, are you tired of managing your oilfield water with outdated tools and incomplete data? Say hello to B3 Insight's premier water management platform for Louisiana-the revolutionary new tool that will make your lives a whole lot easier!

Our Louisiana OilfieldH2O Platform is here to help you optimize your water operations, planning, logistics and improve efficiencies.

The Louisiana Platform includes:

  • Over 10,000 injection wells, complete with injection volume and pressure history, that users can filter by type of injection, status, operator, and more
  • A complete freshwater well dataset of over 200,000 wells, sortable by aquifer, well, use, status, and more.
  • Over 2.5 million land parcel records-extremely hard to find and compile
  • A production site dataset with historic produced water delivery records that detail the volume of water delivered from production sites to disposal wells.

Don’t get left behind in the water management game, download our fact sheet today and discover how you can get ahead of the curve!

Want to learn more? 
Download the Fact Sheet below.