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Navigate Oklahoma’s Water Management with Precision


In Oklahoma’s oil and gas sector, managing produced water isn’t just about volume and pressure—it’s about navigating a ‘shaky’ underground landscape. With induced seismic events lurking beneath, water management becomes a tightrope walk.

Introducing the OilfieldH2O Platform for Oklahoma by B3 Insight.


Why is This Your Next Essential Tool?

  • Injection Well Data: All your injection details, permit info, court documents, and more—in one click.
  • Land Parcel Intelligence - Comprehensive state-wide data to power your pipeline planning. 
  • Seismic Event Alerts - Visualize seismic events and their ties to injection wells, with real-time alerts.

Ready to plunge deeper? Discover intricate layers like Alluvial and Bedrock Aquifers, fault lines, and seamless data management—all without any hardware headaches.

Unlock Unrivaled Water Data Insights NOW!
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